Filtri kompresoriem

  • Gaisa filtri kompresoriem

    The quality of the air entering the airend affects the operation of the entire compressor unit. KENTEK air filters provide the required filtration rating effectively remove impurities and dirt from compressed air.

  • Eļļas filtri kompresoriem

    Oil filters for compressor designed for cleaning oil from the impurities. The oil cleanliness can have a significant impact on the performance of compressor and the quality of compressed air. The range of spin-on filters by KENTEK allows you to choose the oil filter to the majority of imported compressors.

  • Degvielas filtri kompresoriem

    Fuel filters remove dirt and water from fuel. Tiny drops of water in the fuel can significantly reduce the efficiency of compressor and lead to breakage. Separators and fuel filters by KENTEK designed to provide the high performance parameters of the your compressor.

  • Gaisa eļļas separatori kompresoriem

    Air-oil separators removes droplets of oil that inevitably enter the air in the compression stage. Well-chosen KENTEK separator will allow You to extend the service life of expensive main filter and reduce operating costs.