Filtrid eritehnikale

  • Õhufiltrid eritehnikale

    We have air filter elements for efficient air filtration for engines and equipment. The air line includes over 150 different filters for imported construction, road, forestry and agricultural machinery.

  • Õlifiltrid eritehnikale

    Clean engine oil provides maximum run time and power of engine. KENTEK filters reliably purify oils from dirt, tiny particles of soot and carbon deposits that inevitably formed during engine operation. Our line of oil filters includes motor and transmission filters.

  • Kütusefiltrid eritehnikale

    KENTEK filters protects sensitive components of an engine and a fuel system from the effects of mechanical impurities and water.

  • Hüdraulikafiltrid eritehnikale

    KENTEK hydraulic filters provides clean production environment and protect hydraulic system components from premature wear. The range of KENTEK filters consists of SPIN-ON and IN-LINE filters and replacement elements for filters of the original production.

  • Jahutusvedelikufiltrid eritehnikale

    KENTEK coolant filters remove contaminants and maintain the conditions for the stable operation of the cooling system. Our range of coolant filters include filters for the most common equipment - VOLVO and TEREX. So we can guarantee that the characteristics of the filters KENTEK fully match or exceed the parameters of the original filters.